National Anthem

The Soldiers’ Song
We’ll Forces duan friends,
cheering lively musical,
Our bonfires that looks buoyant,
And the sky finely réaltógach
is edgy eagerly us to din
Till tiúnmhar day destiny thíocht clear before
Under silence of the night to send chaomh:
‘Here’s you, Amhrán na bhFiann
Sinne Firnna Fáil
A Ireland has promised, the
greatness of our crowd
Over the world has come to us,
Must be free. Let’s be the
country of our ancestors
No longer will we wait for a moment than tonight
Tonight in the gap of madness ,
With a laugh on Gaeil to death or life
With a shot on the shooting of the pillars
Here’s what Amhrán na bhFiann would call you.
Standing in front of us, wearing a mountain,
Our forefathers were hiding,
Strongly shooting in our seagulls.
The above is in the wind that was sent.
It was never a native of our race
without turning back from play,
Walking how are they against
you? Here are you, Amhrán na bhFiann would sing

A member that is not weak of the blood of Gael and Gall,
That is the day of liberty,
There is a scandal in the hearts of
Nam , Before the warriors of our country.
Our fire is characteristic without a spark now,
That’s a loud look in the sky, And it’s
the birch in the range of your pillars:
Here you are, Amhrán na mB Fiann.